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Amazing Tips For Decorating With Abstract Paintings

Amazing Tips For Decorating With Abstract Paintings

Abstract painting is an art that uses gestural marks, colours, shapes, or forms to achieve its effect rather than directly or accurately depicting visual reality. The word abstract in art means withdrawing something from something else. Abstract paintings denote abstract or ideological concepts such as love, and people often see them as carrying a moral dimension. We can call it figurative art. They represent virtues such as spirituality, purity, order, simplicity, etc.

Whatever your style is, there are various ways of integrating paintings into your decor. You can always buy abstract paintings that suit your taste.

Create A Focal Point

Abstract paintings are an ideal choice for when your wall calls for attention. A large or oversize colourful piece comes in handy when creating a focal point for your overall decor. From geometric to painterly, it will dominate the room, creating an eye-catching composition.

When you buy abstract paintings they will pop well against any wall. It can act as a focal point that eases any guest that enters the room.

Complement the colours

When it comes to shopping for home decor and you are deciding to buy abstract paintings, focus on the colour. You can choose an abstract painting with art that matches your sofa upholstery’s hue, or you can choose one with a ground colour that matches your wall. Whatever way, you will end up with a more harmonized look than looking all matchy.

Buy Abstract paintings that do not scream for attention and make the whole decor theme look dull. Stick to colours that are already in existence in the room for an abstract painting that subtly offsets the rest of the room’s decor.

Create A Gallery Wall

Don’t be hesitant to integrate your abstract painting with an existing gallery or a new one. Whether you incorporate it with portraits, minimal sketches, photography, figurative prints, or traditional landscapes, an abstract painting will blend well with other genres. Surround it with complementing mediums.

When creating a gallery wall, stick to a limited colour palette for cohesiveness, ensure the framing colours and material are similar, and integrate mixed sizes, preferably small and medium, for interest. You can create your gallery wall in a small or large wall-size as it is as essential in making a small room feel impressive as filling up expansive walls. Plus, by designating a central place for your art, it doesn’t distract the eyes with so many places to look.

Consider The Size Of Your Wall.

Abstract paintings come both on a prolific scale and in small sizes too. Before you get carried away by the artwork, remember you will be using it for decor, and you don’t want it to ruin instead of enhancing your style. So, consider your wall size before you mount.

A big room calls for a large oversize abstract painting while a smaller place will be well off with a medium or small painting so as not to overtake the room.

Try Using Twos

One right way to decorate with abstract painting is to give it a companion or hang it in twos. Hang them side by side or place them vertically against each other. That way, the pair will feel at home and give a balanced look. The critical thing is to keep the framing and size the same so that there is consistency and cohesiveness even if the colours vary.

The Takeaway

Always buy abstract paintings that can express endless moods by taking charge of a room with a bold colour or fading softly into the background with a neutral hue. Either way, you can develop sophisticated decor without overstimulating the eye.