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How On-Site Storage Solutions Add Value To Properties

How On-Site Storage Solutions Add Value To Properties

Adding value to an asset is beneficial in many ways. In terms of property, every bit of value counts and adds up. The higher something is of value, the more people want it. If you own a valuable apartment complex, you will never have a shortage of tenants. Although it may not seem like it has much value on the surface, adding an on-site storage solution for the residents of an apartment building is something that not only raises the value of the apartments but also generates more income for the owner. Here are a few key reasons why installing a secure storage solution is such a huge asset.


One of the obvious perks of having on-site storage bins is that if the tenants need some extra storage space they will not have to drive three miles away to the local storage facility and rent a space. All they will have to do is pay whatever extra fee that you require, and they will have a secure storage place right where they live without any of the headaches that off-site storage places offer. That is a huge burden lifted straight from the shoulders of residents that have extra stuff that they need more room for.


Some apartment complexes are so deprived of storage space that the residents have to store their extra belongings in the spare space that they have in their parking spot. Not only is this ugly, but it also causes a security problem. Any time people’s personal belongings are in plain sight of the public there is a risk of criminal activity. Thieves can target places where they know that it is easy to steal things. This includes the see-through wire mesh storage boxes that some places have installed. Even if there is only enough room to install a simple over the car storage solution, it can make a huge difference in security, and looks.


Installing some sturdy, secure storage bins in an apartment building can make things look fantastic. Instead of having piled up articles of personal property in parking spots, or having wire cage boxes with belongings stuffed inside of them for all to see, there is a solid, private row of storage bins with locked doors. With some creativity and a little bit of ingenuity, the space that will be needed in order to facilitate such a feat can be measured out and discovered so that the storage units will look like they are supposed to be there, without cramming up the areas.


The great thing about enclosed storage areas is that nobody can see inside of them unless they are open. Tenants can store things in there that are of value, and not have to worry about thieves seeing it there. They can also store unsightly things like lab projects from high school that they don’t want to let go of yet. Regardless of what they store in there, as long as it is legal, it is nobody’s business. People have the right to privacy, and by having enclosed storage bins, they can easily practice that right.


Probably the most valuable asset of installing on-site storage solutions is that they can generate an extra stream of revenue. By simply adding an extra charge each month to participating residents, a property could generate a substantial amount of residual income that could be more than enough to pay for the whole project, labor and all. Adding a perk for the tenants that brings security, privacy, and even looks good is a win for everybody. Generating extra cash out of the deal is a huge plus.


Hopefully, after reading this you have gained enough insight to want to look further into this solution. What is there not to love about the idea of adding value to your property? The whole process is probably easier and costs less than you believe. If you want to know more about how to add value to your life, visit the professionals at Bradyl Storage Solutions and see for yourself.