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Things To Pay Attention To When Choosing Makeup Mirrors

Things To Pay Attention To When Choosing Makeup Mirrors

When we choose a makeup mirror, we only look at the appearance to make choices. We pay little attention to its practicality. There are many styles of makeup mirrors on the market. There are many three-sided mirrors and folding mirrors. You need to consider the following aspects before choosing a suitable mirror.

1. Quality

Glass materials include flat glass and float glass. Among them, the flat glass will have small waves. If we use it to make a mirror, waves will appear. It will become deformable mirrors in amusement parks. I believe everyone has seen full-length mirrors on inferior cabinets. Don’t buy a mirror with waves at any price. Float glass technology is more common. It is difficult to see waves.

Six to eight millimeters are enough for the thickness. It depends on how hard you can wipe the mirror. Being thin is easy to break. When hanging it, you should consider the weight of the mirror. On the whole, it is better to be thicker.

Then let’s talk about the layer on the back of the glass. Mirrors are divided into silver mirrors and aluminum mirrors. Silver mirrors are expensive. Aluminum mirrors are cheap. But it is difficult for non-professionals to distinguish. The only difference is that the silver mirror is brighter. It reflects people more beautifully. The comparison between the two pieces is obvious. In this era, producers selling mirrors will not mark silver mirrors or aluminum mirrors on them. It is not uncommon for aluminum mirrors to pretend to be silver mirrors. We can only rely on our own observation. Consumers can shake more in front of the mirror to observe the effect of the mirror.

Then there is the edge treatment process. If it is a frameless mirror, it must deal with the edge. Those with frames cannot be handled. The style of the edge is as long as you look satisfied. Don’t touch it and feel like cutting your hand.

2. Grade

There are some gimmicks of glass, such as anti-fog, waterproof, etc. Personal feeling is useless. Because the price is expensive, the general information on this style of mirror is small. If you are interested, you can know about it.

The antifogging coating does not require electricity or maintenance. Electric heating anti-fog is to supply power to the mirror through electric heating wires to achieve the effect of no fog. Unless your bathroom is wet and foggy all day, there is no need to spend the money.

3. Shape

A rectangle is rounded, oval, with a semicircle at the top. Most of these shapes appear in the case of antique or European home style. For simple style or modern style, rectangular style is recommended.

4. Do You Want The Outer Frame

Many people have asked this question. If you want to save money, you do not recommend the outer frame. Glass life is stable. As long as you don’t break it, it will be fine for hundreds of years. But the outer frame is different. No matter what material it is, it will be bad. In particular, wood, leather, and other materials are the outer frame that breaks down quickly. It is not recommended to choose the outer frame of these materials. The use of outer frames is basically to consider the coordination of decoration styles.

Things To Pay Attention To When Choosing Makeup Mirrors

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