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Tips to Restore and Revitalize Old Power Tools

Tips to Restore and Revitalize Old Power Tools

Using the same old power tools that your parents and grandparents used is the best feeling in the world. The history that accompanies those old power tools is so inspiring. Using tools to build your home’s furniture that lives up to your whole life and even outlives your grandchildren is an incredible feeling.

Also, the restoration process of old power tools Ireland is fairly cheap and will not break your bank. All you need to do is to use your DIY skills to refurbish those power tools to retain them in their former glory.

Here’s how you can restore those old power tools.

  1. Find parts that need replacement

It would be thrilling to use the same power tools in Ireland that your grandparents used, but it wouldn’t be possible if you don’t find the essential parts for their restoration. If the tool had a limited production run, then finding the parts would be very difficult.

Don’t get discouraged. You can list out the model and a serial number of the tool and ask your reliable power tools store or buy online for the necessary parts that you are looking for.

  1. Fix frayed cords of power tools

Safety should be the primary objective when you work with power tools.  So, before you start testing the old power tools, take some safety precautions like frayed power cords.

Never use any power tools that have any damaged cords or plugs. Replace these frayed cords with the new ones which can be easily available online.

  1. Check Safety guards of the tool before firing it up

Now when you have replaced the necessary parts and fixed the power cords, make sure that the safety guards of the tools are fully operational before firing it up.

Remember, these power tools can prove to be very dangerous if not handled with care. If you find any missing safety guard, contact the manufacturer if they have a replacement.

  1. Restore the broken parts

You won’t be surprised if you find any broken part in the old power tools. Even if they were handled to you in a proper working condition, still there is a probability of finding the broken parts, as handles and knobs usually get degrades over time. So, replace these broken parts with the original equipment manufacturer parts.

  1. Change blades and belts

For proper functioning of the power tool, the blades and bits of the tool should be sharp. A dusty blade is dangerous to use. Take out these parts and clean them using a cleaning agent, rust remover soak, and brush.

  1. Lubricate them

Apply a lubricant to all parts of your tool. Also, lubricate the internal gears of the tool. Don’t use petroleum based grease or oil, as it will attract dust which can damage the sensitive parts of the tool.

Revitalizing your old power tools is an exciting experience. Besides nostalgia, they prove out to be powerful tools in terms of their functionality. Still, if you find any issue with the old power tools, replace them with the new ones.

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