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Upholstery At Home


Buying upholstered pieces of furniture isn’t a decision to be rushed. Most, if not all, pieces are really beautiful, comfortable and would suit your rooms at home but getting a good and durable piece also means that you would not pay spare change or peanuts for it. So naturally, when you buy one or two for your home, it would be a bad idea to throw it all away again once there are damages on it already. Even if you are just a beginner or an amateur in upholstery, you would already be able to make DIY upholstery projects, or even reupholster your old pieces of furniture so that you would not need to throw it in the trash immediately. All you need is the right materials and the proper set of upholstery tools in your arsenal, and you could get started on a mini-project. If you think you would have a hard time to gather all of the materials and look for easy to use tools, then that is where you are wrong. You could find all of these in the comfort of your own home by looking through Heico Direct’s website.

One-Stop Shop

With Heico Direct, you would be able to get all of your upholstery needs from one place. From raw materials to all of the upholstery tools that you will need. They have a lot of tools to offer ranging from different kinds of staple lifters, tack claws, chisels, pliers, blades, tucking tools, knives, shears, hammers, mallets, stretchers, needles, clusters, pencils, chalk, crayons and even aprons. You could easily bulk up your tools in hand in the process of your upholstery journey; whether you are designing and making upholstered pieces of furniture or simply reupholstering your already existing pieces of furniture, in the comfort of your own home.

The Tools You Need

The top five you need to start your upholstery journey are just simple tools, but you need to get specialised tools made specifically for upholstery projects to get the maximum effectivity and experience. For one, you would need a tool that would help you remove the existing staples and tacks on your old piece of upholstered furniture so that you could safely and properly remove the staples and tacks without having to cause damage to the fabric, or to the main structure or wood of the piece of furniture. Heico Direct offers a wide range of lifters and removers to aid you in doing this properly and effectively. Second, you would need heavy-duty or specific shears that you could use on the different fabrics that you would use. For heavier materials such as leather, there are specific shears made specially to cut into it that you would not be able to use for other more delicate fabrics such as silk or lace. The wide variety of shears available on Heico Direct is helpful, especially if you plan to use different types of fabrics for your projects. The third tool that you would need is a hammer. You can use hammers to forcefully attach the tack so that the fabric is securely attached to the wooden frame. You can choose between a range of hammers with different heads such as made out of magnetic bronze material, forged steel magnetic bronze, or a simple bronze head with a nylon tip. Another thing that you would need is a mallet, yes it is different from a hammer!

A mallet is much lighter and made with lighter and softer materials such as rubber or wood. Those available on Heico Direct are a barrel-shaped mallet made out of hickory or a square-shaped mallet made out of beech. You can use mallets on lighter surfaces so that it would not leave any heavy marks on the material or structure. Lastly, you would need an adhesive tool such as a hotmelt adhesive applicator so that you would have clean finishes off of the fabrics attached. Once you have these five basic tools, you would like to also invest in specific tools that would help you with the safety and cleanliness aspect of the project such as different kinds of chalks or crayons for the measurements and guide, and as well as an apron, goggles, and even a face mask to serve as protection for yourself.