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Why Do You Need Thermal Insulation From A Garage Door

Garage Door

Do you know what you want from a garage door? The oshawa garage doors is here to guide you.

  • Thermal Insulation

Do I need a heat-insulated garage door and to what extent – to the maximum, at least or not at all?

Maximum Thermal Insulation

There is a boiler in your garage or you use it for a workshop, or the garage is located in an apartment building and it is important that there is no heat loss through the garage door.

Only sectional doors above average price are the most heat-insulating. Why?

The panels of these solid sectional doors are made of polyurethane insulation foam with balanced density (40 kg / m3) and have thermal bridges broken at both far ends, resulting in an excellent value of the thermal transmittance of the panel U = 0, 59 W / (m2.K) at remarkably low thermal conductivity of the polyurethane foam filler λ = 0.025 W.

The rubber seals for these sectional doors (all around the periphery and between every 2 panels) are made of high quality rubber that stays elastic for many years and seals well (for the cheap sectional doors the opposite is true – the tire hardens quickly, breaks, stops sealing, starts blowing from everywhere, plus their panels have loose foam and poor insulation).

When closed, the entire canvas is pressed several times against the frame with its rubber seals, thus the sectional door seals the opening (for cheap doors the clamping is not reliable enough).

Sectional doors are installed inside the garage – behind the girder and columns, and if there is no girder and columns, a metal frame (black frame) is built as the base for the installation.

Garage Door

Medium Thermal Insulation

The room is not heated, but you still prefer some insulation. Suitable aluminum thermal insulated shutter door. It can be installed inside (it will be more protected from moisture) as well as outside – at the front of the facade, if it is important to keep the garage length as long as possible.

  • No Thermal Insulation

Steel Rolling Shutter Doors

It is provided by steel rolling shutters and flying wings (the flying wing can also be insulated).

What are the dimensions of the opening and the adjacent girder and columns

Much space up and away from the opening leads to a free choice of door – any door can fit. It is different if there are space or side space restrictions. Here are the most common cases with limitations:

Rolling shutter with external installation. It is possible when there is no obstacle to the roller shutter installation outside the facade. Or there are, but they can be removed – for example, there is a visor that can be cut or mastered (the roller shutter is mounted in front and not under the shutter, and the sides are closed with panels of the same slats as the roller shutter or build).

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