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Why Point 9 Mall is a Real Profitable Investment in Egypt

Why Point 9 Mall is a Real Profitable Investment in Egypt

Situated inside the New Administrative Capital of Egypt, Point 9 Mall is a fantastic project. The area is well surrounded by vital locations. The building is filled with medical, administrative, and commercial units. Also, the project provides quality services at the best price.

The point 9 Mall is located inside Downtown. It connects several important destinations. Thus, it has become a center of attraction for everyone living in the nearby locations. Everything about this place will be explained in the coming paragraphs. With the help of this information, you can select an ideal package at the Point 9 Mall.

Representation of Point 9 Mall 

The main building is located at the main entrance of Downtown. The plot number of this land is MU1/14. It spreads across two main streets in a 50m wide area. You can travel to many locations easily from this place.

The Al Massa Hotel and Green river are extremely near to this place. Point 9 mall is connected closely with the Central Monorail station, Financial District, Ministries Zone, and Information Center. Furthermore, you can reach the New Administrative Capital Airport half an hour from this mall. The cathedral, Cairo opera house, and Abdel Fattah Al-Alim Mosque are situated near the Point 9 Mall.

What are the Advantages of this Mall?

Dedicated Children Area

A particular area is left for children. They can completely enjoy this place.

Food Section

Various restaurants and cafes serving quality food are available inside the Point 9 Mall.

Internet Facility

Free Wi-Fi is provided to every person inside the mall.


Guards and sensors are placed in different locations to secure the place. Moreover, a fire alarm and fire system are given for any situation.

Constant Power

Point 9 Mall receives a continuous flow of power supply. A solar energy system is installed in this region.

Central Air-Conditioning 

To keep the place fresh and clean, a central air- conditioning system is installed. You will never experience any foul smell in this mall.

Cost of Different Units

The starting per meter price of a commercial unit is 45,000 EGP. The medical and administrative units have a starting price of 26,000 EGP and 20,000 EGP respectively. Each package depends on the selected unit and floor.

You can reserve an area in Point 9 Mall using unique packages. The first package spans over 8 years. It requires an initial payment of 10% of the total. The rest can be paid over the offered period in equal installment. The installment procedure is the same for the 10-, 12- and 15-years plan. The only difference is the percentage of down payment taken. For these plans, 15%, 20%, and 30% down payments are taken accordingly.

Is Point 9 Mall a Good Investment?

The area around the mall is surrounded by important public places. Due to this, you will receive a variety of customers. So, anyone who wants to build a business inside the Point 9 mall, gets the golden opportunity. It is extremely easy to purchase and begin the work.