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6 Factors To Consider For A Home Addition

6 Factors To Consider For A Home Addition

Just like any other major home renovation, a lot of thought should be put into a home extension project. Not only does this type of construction require a hefty investment; many factors also come into play:


First, you have to find a trustworthy general contractor in your area that has both the experience and expertise in home additions. When looking for contractors to consider for your project, take a look at their past projects to see if their quality of work is up to your standards. It is also a good idea to get recommendations from any people you know that have had a major renovation done on their home recently, particularly a home extension.

When you find potential contractors, ask for quotations from each so that you can compare prices and adjust your budget accordingly. Consider at least three contractors to expand your options.

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The next most important thing to consider before doing a home addition is your budget. How much money are you willing to put into the project? Which aspects of the construction do you want to lower costs and which ones do you want to splurge on? Remember that you can only start with the design when you have a set budget in mind, so consider this factor first before drafting any designs.


After you choose a contractor and finalize your budget, it’s time to start working on the design of your home extension. Visualize your desired layout, textures, colors, and everything in between. Moreover, work closely with your architect and contractor as you design your home addition. They will be able to help keep the design in line with the target budget as well as the spacial constraints of your property.

Building regulations

Check with your local building department and see if your home addition plan satisfies building regulations. Before doing so, make sure you know your property lines and location of utilities. If your plan meets building regulations, you can now apply for a building permit.

Renovation inconveniences

A major renovation like a home extension is sure to cause inconveniences to your household and your neighbors. You may need to move out of the house and live somewhere else while the construction is ongoing. Moreover, it’s also important to inform your neighbors of your plan to have construction done on your property, preferably more than a month in advance so they can prepare.

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Think about the finishing touches as well. Is your contractor going to do the finishing as well or do you want someone else to do it? What furniture and appliances do you need for the extension? Consider the decorations and other design elements you want to incorporate as well. If you’re stumped on ideas, look for inspiration online.

Adding an extension to your home is one of the best investments you can make if you do it right. But before you dive into the decision, consider these factors to make sure you, your finances, and your household are ready.