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Here’s why Arkade Earth Is the Best Society to Live in Mumbai

Here’s why Arkade Earth Is the Best Society to Live in Mumbai

Mumbai – the city where dreams come true! When it comes to are some of the most famous aspects of India, Mumbai would surely come top of the list. From the entertaining Bollywood industry to the sea and cosmopolitan social-economic structure, people from around the country migrate to Mumbai in the hope of a bigger and better future. The constant demand for new homes has naturally resulted in the real estate boom in the past decade. One of the most sought-after residential complexes today is the exquisitely developed Arkade Earth Township!

Situated in the upcoming locality of Kanjurmarg, the Arkade Earth Wing Aspen Kanjurmarg is one of the best societies to live in Mumbai and in today’s blog I am going to explain just why I love this residential township!

Overview of the Arkade Earth in Kanjurmarg

Located in the Central part of Mumbai, Arkade Earth is a project that offers quality 1 BHK, 2BHK, and spacious 3 BHK apartments ranging from 41 Sq. meters to 105 Sq. meters! It is the best option for people who want modern apartments at a fair price and in a locality that offers everything from parks and markets to educational institutions and hospitals at walking distance. Arkade Earth Property is a registered project spread over 4 acres with the number P51800004750 being the RERA number!

Arkade Earth – Where Quality Matters!

When it comes to investing in any residential property, the quality of the construction matters the most! While many of the options in Arkade Earth Residences are cost-effective, the developer has not compromised the quality of the apartment and the common spaces! All the doors and windows have a laminated finish on the top quality wood and the flooring in all the rooms has been carefully done too! It is no wonder that the Arkade Earth Property is fast selling and popular amongst the first-time buyer as well as people who wish to invest in real estate.

Strategic Location

When it comes to the on-going projects in Mumbai such as Arkade Earth Society, the most important selling point is the location itself! Mumbai is a city where everyone wants to live in an area that is not far from their office or major places of leisure and enjoyment. Kanjurmarg is surely a locality that has everything you will ever need, whether you are a young teenager, working for professional, young family, or a senior citizen!

Amazing Amenities

Another reason why Arkade Earth Wing Aspen Kanjurmarg is the best residential complex in central Mumbai is the luxury of amenities that the developer has provided! Some of the many amenities are – Entrance Avenue Driveway – a green buffer /screen, Entrance to Garden, 6m Vehicular Driveway, Drop-off Area, Ramp to Basement, Lobby Area, Main Pool, Small Gathering Space, Seating Alcoves, Garden Seating Alcoves &for the Elderly, Walkway, Hammock Garden, Amenity Space

Peaceful Residential Complex

When you are looking for an apartment that you wish to move-in immediately, one thing that should not be ignored is how peaceful the complex is! Peace can be achieved in many ways Arkade Earth Residences have landscaped gardens, a meditation area, a children’s play area, and hundreds of trees that makes the living experience pleasant and hassle-free. Every Arkade Earth Building is Vaastu-compliant and thus there is plenty of sunlight and wind coming in from all directions!

I’m sure that the highlighted point above would have convinced every reader that Arkade Earth is one of the best societies to live in Mumbai!