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Selecting The Most Resilient Commercial Roofing


Did you know that there are over 50,000 roofing businesses in the United States? With so many businesses to choose from, you might be confused not only about who to choose but also which commercial roofing will fend off the elements if you have a commercial building.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of resilient roofing.

Resiliency Through UV Protection

Every roof is exposed to the sun but if you live in a state that is sunny most of the year you really want to consider opting for a resilient roof to avoid having to constantly change your roof. Long term exposure to UV rays will damage the membrane that usually makes a roof waterproof.

A resilient roofing system will be designed to deal with high UV exposure and still remain waterproof for the life the roof is intended for.

Chemical Resilience

Another reason that resilience roofing is a great option is that it is able to withstand chemicals. Commercial roofing systems are usually at risk of punctures from foot traffic, debris, and even hail. Any small hole in the top waterproofing layer will let water enter the building and end up causing more chaos and severe roof damage.

Resilient roofs are able to prevent holes in the waterproof layer and can also withstand punctures.

Wind Protection

For those that have their commercial building in an area that is prone to high winds or hurricanes, we highly recommend looking into having a resilient roof. This will ensure that when the roof is exposed to significantly high wind gusts or tornadoes the roof will remain in place.

They are designed to withstand mother nature and also keep the rest of the building from dealing with the aftermath of a roof that does lift up. The installer has to make sure that they secure all the roof edges correctly to make sure that the performance of the roof is 100% during high wind events.

Duro-Last Roofing

This roofing option is a prefabricated system that is great for industrial buildings and also commercial buildings. It can be installed on pretty much any building but it is usually seen on flat commercial roofs or low-slope roofs. Buildings like warehouses, schools, factories, and government buildings commonly use Duro-last roofing.

The membranes of this roofing system are made up of PVC which is very durable. PVC is also known for being malleable because it becomes soft whenever it is heated and it becomes hard again once it cools down. This malleability makes it perfect for roofing.

You can read on more about Duro-Last right here.

Ready to Choose Your Commercial Roofing?

We hope that now you can make an informed decision about the commercial roofing you want to have installed. Remember that this is not a small decision and therefore you want to take the time to do your research and choose only after doing some research.

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