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How To Properly Maintain Alloy Wheels

How To Properly Maintain Alloy Wheels

It really is amazing the number of people who will keep the bodies of their cars polished, clean, repaired and well maintained, but then forget about their wheels and alloys completely, even when they get their car repaired after an accident.

Alloys, in addition to the improvements they offer in the responsiveness and handling of your car, are cosmetically very appealing as well. They provide your car with a nice touch of class. However, if you would like them to continue glinting in the sun while you are cruising down the Auto Site road, you will need to keep your wheels clean and well maintained.

So what is the best way to maintain alloy wheels so that they stay new and shiny looking?

Actually, keeping alloy wheels in pristine condition isn’t very hard. It definitely isn’t any more effort or work that you have to put into the other parts of your car.

Regular, simple maintenance and cleaning really make the difference to ensure that your wheels stay looking great. To minimize potentially corroding grime and to increase the longevity of the alloys maintenance is essential.

Before you start, you need to get your equipment gathered.
You will need some kind of cleaning applicator- it can be a non-abrasive, soft cloth or sponge or cleaning mitt. If possible, get a wheeling cleaning brush for the job.

A non-abrasive, dry rag or cloth to wipe down the alloys.
A good cleaning fluid- when choosing a cleaning product, it is very important that it’s compatible with the paint and coating on your alloys. Before buying anything, get advice from an experienced specialist retailer or check out the manufacturer guidelines.

Alloy wheel wax or polish- check with a retailer to make sure the wax or polish you choose is compatible with your wheels paint and coatings.

A rag or cloth for applying the wax or polish

You will also need warm, soapy water as well as access to a pipe that provides cold, clean water.

Let’s Start Cleaning

It’s probably obvious that you need to wait for a dry day before you start to clean the alloys on your car. I’m assuming you will want to clean the other parts of the car at the same time.

  •  Prep your wheels by rinsing them off using clean water. Use your hosepipe, if you have one, to spray the whole wheel. Make sure you get the spokes as well as any nooks and crannies also.
  • Get out your mitt, sponge, or cloth and dip it into the soapy water. Then apply this to the wheels. Do this gently so that you don’t scratch the surface. All is sure to get to all of the hard to get and tricky areas of the wheels.
  • Use the hose to rinse thoroughly
  • If needed, re-apply soapy water. Use your wheel brush to get into the alloy wheels interior parts and spokes.
  • Thoroughly rinse once again.
  • After the alloys are rinsed and cleaned, wipe them down using a dry cloth.

Now That the Alloys Are Clean- It Is Time to Protect Themd806201c5142f0ab3ab9fa26996a668ex.jpg (508×339)

Make sure you have the right materials for this part of the process. Waxes and polishes depend on the kind of wheel coating and type of alloy that you have. For example, finishes like aluminium or chrome well need to have a polish that is specifically designed for those materials.

  • Use a soft applicator like a cloth or rag to apply the wax or polish. Make sure to cover all surface areas.
  • Use a dry, clean cloth to thoroughly buff the wheel until it has a nice, even shine.Best Prices for used Mercedes GLA cars.

That’s all you need to do. You are done!

If you maintain and clean your alloy wheels on a regular basis, they will stay shiny and it will dramatically enhance your car’s overall appearance.