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Office Security: 10 Guidelines To Protect Your Commercial Property

Office Security: 10 Guidelines To Protect Your Commercial Property

Modern-day office security is far too distanced from the old world mechanical locks. Many businesses today are taking advantage of the digital revolution to secure their business premises and other valuable assets using this technology. This shift also brings into focus services of locksmith Melbourne, commercial locksmith Melbourne and professional locksmith. The simple reason why these professionals are important for business security is that they are adept at handling the modern-day security systems and troubleshooting when called for. Before the advent of digital technology, locksmiths were often found around storefronts or malls because they were mere tradesmen with a few hand tools to cater to problems with the traditional mechanical locks and keys. Obviously, they enjoyed very low business volume and therefore, maintaining a website or at times even a mobile phone was beyond their reach.

Thankfully the times have changed and changed for good bringing significantly more respect and recognition for the professional locksmith. A commercial locksmith Melbourne or a locksmith Melbourne can take charge of a wide array of business security and efficiently protect your commercial property. The following are among the major focus areas to ensure proper protection of your commercial property.

Risk assessment

The best way to ensure proper security of your commercial property is to conduct a risk assessment to identify potential weak spots that may exist across your business. Consult your staff to understand the room for improvements and take stock of local news and advice on events around your area that are impacting the security aspects for your business as well as other businesses in your neighbourhood. Any security issue your neighbour experienced recently could well be your concern over the coming weeks or months.

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Strengthen your entry points

There can be multiple ways of gaining access to your commercial property and they need enhanced security. Take a good look at potential avenues that may be convenient for intruders to gain access into your property and plug security lapses in those avenues. A significant option before you is the installation of doors/windows with solid construction and providing them with secure locks. In the digital age, there are many ways to ensure that all your entry points are securely locked at the end of every business day. The business owner can monitor this from anywhere in the world and alert his employees if any lapses are noticed. Similarly, the entire security system can also be connected to the law enforcement agencies who will get automatically alerted if and when a breach occurs. There are many experts and experienced vendors who can help you with modern-day security systems and demonstrate how they can secure your commercial property.

Perimeter security

On the external side of your property known as the perimeter, there can be several ways for miscreants to access your property. A well-guarded property acts as a significant deterrent for burglars. Security lighting, relevant fencing and secure car parking are measures that help in preventing intrusion from unauthorised people. However, care should be taken to ensure that securing your property does not give it the appearance of prison for employees and your clients/customers.


CCTV has become an essential security feature for every commercial property. This is a strong measure to keep potential miscreants at bay and even if they venture to a break-in, the cameras will be a huge help in identifying the culprits. These cameras also come with alarm systems that can be tuned to specific needs with an added facility to change the codes at regular intervals.

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Background checks/visitor passes

Every time you hire a new employee a third party conducts a complete background check of the individual covering history of past employment, academic history, and other personal traits that may be important to your business. Similarly, introducing a visitor pass will ensure that you have a record of who visited your business at what time, the duration he spent inside your premises, the purpose of visit and your employees the visitor interacted with. At times, this information can become very useful in resolving tricky issues within your business.

Safety of important equipment

Man of the modern-day digital devices can be stolen with great ease. Have a secure place out of the sight of most people to keep these gadgets secure. Ensure that any cash and important IT equipment are always locked securely and kept out of reach except for authorised personnel.

Check your security systems at regular intervals

Installing digital security systems is only one part of the job. Electronic equipment can experience glitches for varying reasons. Equipment exposed to the vagaries of weather can suffer from storm, water, strong winds etc. The best way to ensure that any such eventualities do not affect the security of your commercial property is to check the functioning of these systems at regular intervals of a few weeks or more frequently depending on your individual circumstances.

Train your employees

Depending on the size of your business, you can also consider training your employees in the area of security. This will help them know actions to be taken and people to be contacted in case there is a security breach in your premises.

Earmark specific area for visitors

It is a good idea to earmark a specific area for visitors /clients/customers. This will ensure that only authorised people have access to the work area. Allowing visitors or customers to sit across the work desk of your employees to transact business is not a good idea.

Be prepared for eventualities

Prevention is always better than cure. Thoroughly check your inventories at regular intervals and store away images of all bulky assets. In the event of an unfortunate break-in, act quickly and get in touch with the law enforcement agencies and your security service provider. If replacing the security service or equipment is needed after the break-in, re-visit the entire arrangement and ensure that you have an entirely new security system.