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Still watching? Suggestions For An Uninterrupted Movie Night

Still watching? Suggestions For An Uninterrupted Movie Night

Picture this: it’s the weekend. You have the whole evening to yourself—or maybe you’ve invited some friends. There’s a new award-winning picture added on Netflix, one you’ve been wanting to see months ago but didn’t have the time. As you settle on the couch, place your feet on the center table, and dip your hand in the popcorn bucket, something doesn’t go your way.

When you watch a movie, you need to focus on following the story. When you’re distracted, it takes 23 minutes and 15 seconds to regain your concentration. So distractions on your movie night a big no-no. Luckily, there are things you can do to avoid this problem.

Wait for the food delivery

There’s nothing worse than being all comfortable on the couch or in bed in the middle of the movie, then the doorbell rings. Now, you’ll have to peel yourself out of the cushion and take your food.

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You can wait for all the food to arrive before hitting the play button. On average, food deliveries can take 38 minutes to arrive. Therefore, calling up to order 30 to 40 minutes before your movie night schedule is ideal to avoid any delays.

Secure a backup energy supply

Wouldn’t it be so frustrating when you’re in the climax of the movie and the power suddenly goes off? It’s even worse when you’re watching an action-suspense film and you’re at the edge of your seat.

Some apartment complexes have back up power generators for the entire building. However, home batteries need to be installed in houses. The good thing about having this choice, though, is that the source can be renewable. Whether it is wind or solar, the power source of your home will be eco-friendly. Not only will you enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, but you will also be more sustainable.

Turn off social media notifications

Notifications can be addicting. That’s how mobile apps keep you hooked to your phone. Every 12 minutes, Americans feel the need to check their phones. Additionally, separation anxiety from one’s phone is real—with 31% of Americans feeling this way. That is why watching a movie can be a good distraction from your phone, especially if you’re trying to beat smartphone addiction.

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Sometimes people don’t notice how much of a distraction notifications can be. While watching a movie, treat it like you’re in a movie theatre. Put your phone to “Do Not Disturb”‘ or on airplane mode, so you wouldn’t be tempted to check your phone. Doing this will eliminate distractions as well as help you lower your screen time for a few hours.

A movie night is a great way to unwind and entertain yourself. Nowadays, movies can be more than just spectacle and entertainment. They’re mind-boggling, challenging the audience to dig deep and analyze the elements of the story. They’re a critique of society, forcing the viewer to be critical of what they’re watching. The benefits of watching movies go far more than relaxation. As videos require an active audience, you should eliminate all the distractions surrounding you and immerse yourself in a different world.