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Standing Seam Metal Roofing: The Systems, The Material And The Performance

Standing Seam Metal Roofing: The Systems, The Material And The Performance

Throughout history, metal roofs have been widely used applications. Since the Roman times, who used copper as a roofing option to shelter Patheon and Europeans who used alloyed metal roofs in their medieval architecture, metallic roofing structures have always been characterized with high resistance, durability and longevity.

Today’s modern standing seam metal roofs were designed and developed in the 60s using metal as a roofing alternative – as opposed to asphalt, tiles and slate. There are plenty of options today, including aluminium, copper and aluminium-zinc coated steel alloy.

Did you know that standing seam was derived from the connections between the raised metal panels?

Standing seam metal roofing has seams that run vertically creating a folding and crimping on the edges between panels. The great thing about these metal roof is that they require very little maintenance while providing resistance against strong winds and extreme fire rating. As a durable alternative, we’re going to look at the systems, performance, and material of standing seam metal roofing.


Standing seam metal roofing comes in various types and multiple methods of seaming as well as several metals used to manufacture this roofing system.

Non-Structural Panel

In the non-structural panel system, there are two sections. The first is a flat panel, and the other is a batten or seam.

The seams part clicks into place over the joints protecting and shielding the fasteners. The battens, on the other hand, have spacer clips installed and locked in place. A professional roofer will fit this type of metal roofing on a solid layer – they can’t be installed as a stand-alone or raised roofing system.

Continuous Seam Positive Locking

With this type of metal roof design, integral seams are used. Panels are made to click into place over different panels and only then tightened with clips. This standing seam metal roof does not require seam caps – this helps reduce potential creeping of the seams. With continuous seam roofing, they can be directly attached to a solid layer. Also, they reduce labour due to the positive locking installation.

Mechanically Seamed In Field

There are options of mechanically seaming standing metal roofs during installations. With this kind of system, there are several types of seam heights. Higher seams can provide more stability to a roofing structure, and panels are installed using a fixed or sliding clip. The benefit of using sliding clips is that they give more tolerance to varying temperatures because they slide when expanding and contracting.


Standing seam metal roofing also comes in a range of colours and materials. Lighter shades provide more cooling because they resist holding onto solar heat. In contrast, optimal material provides added durability, are resistant to corrosion and have a longer lifespan for standing seam metal systems.

As mentioned l, they also come in different metal types including aluminium, aluminum-zinc coated alloy as well as coated copper and steel. The choice of metal will depend on the climate, location, and the aesthetics you’re going for and your budget

Here are the most commonly specified options:


The quality of aluminium that’s most sought-after is its strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that aluminium facades are less bulky as compared to steel. This metal is also resistant to rust which makes it popular for cladding projects. Many aluminium alloys are capable of supporting substantial glass spans allowing the building to take in more natural sunlight.


Another durable standing seam cladding alternative is copper. Copper is also 100% recyclable which makes it a sustainable solution. Its subtly reflective look changes due to oxidization and turns the metal a striking green colour.

Coated Steel And Zinc

The commonly used coating in standing seam roofs is galvanized steel that uses a thin layer of zinc (even though there are a variety of coating types). The zinc coating helps with preventing the metal from rusting, much like how chromium works in stainless steel. The thing that gives galvanized steel an eye-catching look is the visible crystallites in the coating – this feature is known as spangle.


Standing seam metal roofing systems are usually installed in insulated material to provide added energy efficiency. The insulation also reduces noise pollution found in different metal roofs. They are used in roof slopes of 3:12 and more. They are also systems that don’t require exposed fasteners as the raised seams connect tightly to prevent water from seeping in.

Mounting Options

Another reason why standing seam is an invaluable investment is its mounting option. Items like solar panels, snow retention systems, and other rooftop additions can be mounted without making holes on the surface of the roof.


When installed correctly, this roofing type can last up to three times longer than lighter gage, screwed down metal roofs. Because the metal is thick, the paint on them is far better than most of their counterparts.

Wind Action

Cladding systems are a requirement in buildings to sustain wind action to drive them to the main structure of the building.

Expansion & Contraction

With different weather changes, humidity and pressure, some metal can contract and expand and using the wrong material can lead to permanent damage to a building. You must speak to a professional roofing company or the manufacturer to find out which standing seam product would be most ideal for your area.

Fire Resistance

Standing seam metal roofing are also resistant to fires, a great choice after January’s incidents in Australia. However, it’s also crucial to consult a roofing company on the fire-resistance rating on different standing seam roofs. Another consideration is knowing the relation of the standing seam to other materials in a building to curb unforeseen problems.

Now that you’re familiar with standing seam metal roofing, you might want repairs done or installation of this roofing system. Grover Metal Roofing is a premium roofing company with a variety of roofing services. Browse our website for more details.