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How To Soundproof A Room? Four Ways To Gain Peace And Quiet

How To Soundproof A Room? Four Ways To Gain Peace And Quiet

Are you tired of hearing household noises travel into your home workspace? Want to achieve restful sleep without the disruptive sounds of traffic or neighbors? On the hunt for a cost-effective, permanent way to soundproof your residential property? From studio apartments to multi-unit housing, soundproofing is an important feature that can improve the overall appeal and value of a home and guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Here are four simple ways you can keep unwanted noise out of your space:

Check Your Access Points

One of the most common ways outdoor noise will seep into a residential area is through small air leaks in door or window frames. When planning to soundproof a room, an easy first step is to inspect access points for any openings. If you notice light peeking through cracks or can feel gusts of air, install weatherstripping to create a barrier. Not only will this help keep noise at bay, but it will also reduce energy costs over time.

Decorate With Rugs And Artwork

Bare walls, tile, or laminate flooring allow sounds to bounce off their hard surfaces and permeate a home. A simple (and decorative) way to prevent noise transfer from one room to another is to use area rugs, artwork, and plush furniture. Room fixtures with a soft surface will help absorb sounds that either originate from or enter the space. Choose artwork that contains multiple textures or incorporates fabrics and avoid the use of hard seating or benches, as these surfaces will amplify sound.

Use Foam Paneling To Absorb Sound

When you have an existing space and want the option to move your soundproofing materials to another room in the future, foam paneling may be your best bet. Offered in sizes ranging from small to large, foam paneling is easy to hang and can cover partial or entire walls. This lightweight soundproofing option is effective and affordable.

Install Soundproofing Rafts

If you are thinking about soundproofing while still in the building stage, you’re in luck. As opposed to the semi-permanent option of weatherstripping and foam paneling, choose soundproofing rafts instead. This method involves the installation of decoupling devices to drywall studs and joists. As sound travels, it is routed into the decoupling device’s core, where it converts to heat that quickly disperses. The result is a fully soundproofed room regardless of the noise source.

Soundproofing rafts are a popular option for property managers who seek reliable noise reduction at a budget-friendly cost. It also leads to happy tenants who enjoy quiet nights and calm mornings.

Choose Reliable Soundproofing

Whether you have just purchased a home or are coordinating multi-unit residential builds, soundproofing instantly imparts a sense of serenity in a space. It is a valuable feature for both you and future buyers. As neighborhoods and traffic patterns frequently change, you will have the assurance that your room’s interior will remain noise-free.