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Explaining Digital Marketing Trends for 2021: Making way to Growth

Digital Marketing

Let us get this straight, digital marketing is an evergreen industry. The industry is always on a roller coaster for changes. Since we have moved into 2021 which involves carrying a lot of distress from 2020, the change is going to be big in terms of digital marketing.

The Marketer’s Approach

Marketers always stay on top of the latest developments that happen in the business industry. This is because it is necessary. You bring change in the digital marketing strategies if you are more connected to the field.

Previously marketers had to be aware of what techniques and tools are being used in the industry. But with the tech innovation and major contribution to the world, marketers now have to be more vigilant as to which of the technology and tactics are being used.

Nevertheless, 2020 has managed to bring more to the table for the focus of marketers. With the whole pandemic and work from home scenario, there are tons of more things included for marketers to keep an eye on. The shift in the working mode has created possibilities but also challenges for marketers. For instance, having the right kind of internet service at home has become a marketer’s personal problem.

Without an internet service like The Cox Cable that keeps them in line with the digital world, a marketer can not aim to come up with ideas that are favorable for the company.

A Marketer in Need is a Marketer Indeed

Considering the urgent times we live in that are now often topped with uncertainty, it is always good to be a help. For marketers reading this blog, we have explained some incoming trends in the digital world of 2021.

Here is how it goes:

Advanced Chatbots

As Artificial Intelligence is making its way more and more in the industry, chatbots will become more useful for companies working digitally. Chatbots have been supporting the customer support system for along time, but with AI’s contribution, it will become more beneficial.

In the past year, many audiences considered chatbots as an annoying and disruptive form of customer service. Even the customers that interacted with chatbots considered it not reliable enough to exchange information.

However, now machine learning improves and AI brings innovative ideas to the table, the chatbot experience is also improving. Chatbots are offering better and helpful solutions that come as a result of a better understanding of client’s queries.

Recent data from Facebook shows us that 46% of shoppers are willing to send instant messages instead of getting help from a support line. This brings us to the point that if you want your brand to have a better interaction with customers you need to come up with better working chatbots.

Featured Snippets

Is the number one goal of the SEO team in your company to occupy the top spot on a search engine result page? If the answer is yes then you might want to change the way you place your goals.

These days having featured snippets is even more important than having a top spot on the Google search engine. The segment for text, which is up to some visual lines and displayed in a square box at the top of Google’s organic search results is called a featured snippet.

If you want to know how you can make it to the feature snippet position try these tactics:

  • Answer the searcher’s question directly. The answer should not be more than 75 words.
  • Make sure the answer is at the very start of the article.
  • Elaborate your answer further in the content body.
  • Make sure you cite authentic sources to back up your claims.

Shoppable Social Posts

The new edition to the Instagram shopping experience, shoppable ads, have quickly proven their worth. Shoppable ads are highly effective for generating conversion for the digital brand on Instagram. As per Instagram itself, 13 million users tap on shoppable ads every 30 days.

So if you want to be the one with the “man with a plan” then you should not miss the opportunity to continue running shoppable ads.

Time for Conversions

Turing your viewer to the customer isn’t easy but it’s your job. If you want to be a marketer that rules this year then you might want to hear out some tips from us.