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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Furniture

There are many factors that determine which outdoor setting is the right one for you and your lifestyle. Buying new furniture is a big financial investment so it’s important to choose carefully. With a wide range of outdoor furniture available it can be confusing to select the correct pieces. Here are a few key points you need to think about prior to purchasing to help you choose the best furniture.

Who Will Be Using Your Furniture?

It’s important to factor in who will be using your new outdoor furniture. Do you have a larger family with kids? Will you be using this to entertain guests? Will this furniture be used for your own private oasis? It’s important to also factor in the age of who will be using your pieces. If you live with elderly people a low chair or high stool would not be the correct piece to invest in. If you have a larger family or entertain a lot of people steer clear of chunky chairs as these are different to fit around a table for a big group of people. Look at slimline chairs is a bench that can comfortably cater for the number of people you would like around your table. Furniture that can neatly be pushed into the table ensures you are getting the most out of the outdoor space. Often little kids can trip over chunkier furniture pieces that are unable to be pushed in causing injuries. Tear-proof your outdoor space with smart furniture pieces that can be placed out of the way.

Your Location and Climate

It’s important to consider your outdoor conditions including the climate prior to purchasing your furniture. The climate in Australia can make choosing the right furniture for your challenge. Understanding the climate you are located in will help determine which furniture is best for you. If you live near the ocean you will need to purchase furniture that can withstand the salt that is carried from the beach as this can cause rust and other unwanted nasties on your pieces. If this is to occur, it will end up costing you more money as these pieces will need o to be replaced. It’s always better to do your research first so your new items will last you for years to come. UV is another important factor to take into consideration with outdoor furniture. Strong sun exposure can damage your pieces and cause them to fade. Leaving out the incorrect furniture in the sun can also be harmful. Many materials can get extremely hot and will burn your skin if sat on. The last thing you want to give yourself or your guest’s skin damage. Understanding which materials are best suited to your climate will make sure you enjoy your outdoor area all Summer long.

What Furniture Is the Best Fit for Your Garden?

It’s important to make sure the furniture you’re purchasing will fit the size of your outdoor space. You always want to make sure you and your guests have room to move regardless of the size of your space. If you have a smaller space, measure the garden to understand how much space you have to work with. Map out where you would like your furniture to be. Place other items in these spots so you have a visual of what your outdoor area will look like with furniture. Take photos of your outside area as this will help you as a reference when you’re looking for your pieces in the showrooms. Don’t be afraid to show the experts the photos of your garden and measurements as they will be able to show you the pieces that will fit and enhance your outdoor space. It will also give the experts and understanding of what shapes will best suit your area. For example, if your space has curved edges then you will want to pick up these design lines and purchase a rounded table and outdoor chairs to create a cohesive look and feel to your garden.

What Is Your Preferred Style?

This is a wide range of styles available in outdoor furniture including contemporary, classic, modern, traditional just to name a few. Decide on which is your favourite style before you start buying pieces. This is important so you don’t end up with a table, chairs, and a lounge that don’t match. If you’re unsure have a look inside your home and see if you have a particular style that you would like to mirror outdoors. Having an outdoor and inside style that matches creates a great flow between both areas and makes both spaces feel bigger.