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How to Turn Old Furniture into a Pet Bed

How to Turn Old Furniture into a Pet Bed

They say that kittens are very playful. But so are all the other pets we have in our homes. As a pet parent, you have to get your cute little loved one a place to rest after a full day of jumps. Even if the pet plays all day, it’ll still need to retire when the night comes. When they sleep, they deserve comfort, just like you. Building a pet bed for your little one doesn’t have to be a costly affair. In fact, after furniture removal, you can use the remnant pieces to build the bed.

Many homeowners are slowly adopting this method of making pet beds. By using old furniture, you not only save resources but also reduce clutter inside the house. Once done, you might be stuck on how to handle a furniture removal project or where to take the remains. Now here’s a real solution that you’ve been searching for. Most pet beds are outright ugly and uncomfortable for the pets. So, here’s how you can make the right pet bed after furniture removal:

Nightstand Bed

You can quickly and conveniently turn an old dresser into a bedside table and a bed for your pet. After you’re done with the furniture removal project, follow DIY instructions to complete this.

To make this for your pet, you can start by cutting the two bottom drawers and then reline them using a beadboard. Choose a warm and inviting color for coating. You can make a decision based on what your pet loves, or is comfortable with. Of course, this is what you should do because the bed is for the pet after all.

You can also get a fluffy cushion for the bottom to add more comfort to your pets. This makes it a welcoming environment every time it wants to retire to sleep.

Using a Modern End Table

Such tables are great to use after furniture removal. They’re stylish and have peek-a-boo sides that your tiny little ones will love. It serves two purposes, which include an end table, and a pet bed. Convenience doesn’t come better than this. Or does it?

Utilize Drawers

An old drawer that’s no longer in use inside the house can conveniently turn into a comfortable bed for your pet. Imagine throwing away the drawer, or simply giving it to the furniture removal company, when it could have helped. Be creative in your approach and turn it into a safe haven for your pet. They’ll definitely love it since they’re used to jumping from one piece of furniture to the other.

This is a simple DIY project that won’t even need you to use sophisticated tools. In fact, you can even just rely on simple home gadgets, rather than power tools. The only thing you’ll need to get is a set of furniture feet that will act as the base. This you can collect from old tables and stands after the furniture removal project.

After you’re done with the construction, again get some good paint to cover it all up. In fact, paint is the only single thing that makes a striking effect on the DIY project. Without the right painting, it will only be another piece of old furniture. If unsure about your painting skills, then rather hire a pro to help you out.

In addition, you can include wooden letters of your pet’s name if you wish. This will add a sense of ownership on the side of the pet.

Carrier Pet Bed

Who said a pet bed has to be stationary? Well, in this case, we will show you a way to make it mobile. Pets are literally the love of our lives. And we wouldn’t mind taking them with us even to the outside world.

Therefore, a portable pet carrier is, in this case, a crucial item to possess. And the good news is that you can make it from 100% old furniture that you get from a furniture removal project.

When making this item, have the mesh top removable so that you can use it properly during an outing. Your pet will be glad to join you on those sunny picnics. And we’re certain that you’ll be happy to have it around too.

Office Chair Furniture Removal for Pet Bed Project

It looks like your cute little one is finally getting its own office finally – lol! Just kidding. But seriously, you can make a great DIY pet bed off an old office chair. Simply cut off the legs of the chair and add furniture pads to the bottom for enhanced stability. Then cover the entire chair with some warm material such as a soft blanket. This ensures that your pet is warm and cozy even in the coldest of nights. Add some letters to form the name of the pet if you wish.

Final Thoughts

We hope that these DIY pet bed projects inspire you to make one for your lovable mate. Instead of leaving old pieces of junk to go with the furniture removal company, you can transform them into wonderful beds for your pets. Aside from saving you the money you would have spent on buying material and furniture removal, you also get to learn new skills.