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Making Your External Facade Cleaning Cheaper And More Affordable

Making Your External Facade Cleaning Cheaper And More Affordable

Building facade cleaning services have always been in high demand in Singapore, and that has increased post the COVID-19 circuit breaker. Businesses have been giving their all keep their offices clean and sanitized and these days, they are noticing the outer walls more.

However, one concern that some offices have is that building facade cleaning is expensive. Well, honestly it is not expensive when we look in the long-term. You see, cleansing a building many times still costs less than the renovation that you need to do if your walls are dirty for a long time.

Anyway, whether you are a facade cleaning service looking to make your offering cheap or an office thinking of hiring a more affordable exterior cleaning services, there is a way. That is rope access cleaning.

What Is Rope Access Cleaning?

Traditionally, we clean office exteriors with the help of a lift, scaffolding, railing, etc. In rope access cleaning, we simply use a rope with an anchor point. There is some safety equipment to tie the worker with the rope.

Rope access cleaning is safer than other types of cleaning. After all, the anchor point is chosen based on the weight it can handle, which is a minimum of 2000 kgs. As there is less risk per hour, the money the service seeker needs to pay is also less.

Furthermore, installing rope access takes very less time and workforce. The equipment is cheaper than in other working methods. Rope access cleaning and maintenance will decrease your fees significantly than traditional cleaning methods- the workforce is also more readily available when there are fewer risks.

A More Effective Way Of Cleaning

Another reason to work with a rope access service provider is the quality of work.

You see, with rope access, the workers become more flexible. So, they can move to every close corner of the building which they couldn’t with ladders or lifts. They can also move fast, so there is more time for the actual cleaning. With less hassle, there are less stressed and more relaxed employees, which is reflected in the final results.