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Planning A Smart Kitchen Layout

Smart Kitchen

Your cooking area is the hub of your residence. It’s a gathering place. That’s why the layout of your kitchen is so crucial. So, if you wish to season things up, an upgrade is a worthwhile investment.

A wise cooking area has either function. It can either use smart innovation or materialize a format developed to take full advantage of using the cooking area space more successfully. Although both is going to be mutually unique from various others, they hardly ever are. Smart kitchen area style focuses on energy as well as ergonomics, which clever innovation requires the following level. Building a clever kitchen area can make points easier, as well as more convenient for you. Here’s what you require to understand about starting.


Designing a smart kitchen takes cautiousness, specialist planning, as well as proper implementation. These are a number of points to take into consideration:


Typically, a person walks to as well as from the kitchen area table greater than 30 times a day, opens up as well as shuts drawers greater than 80, and does more than 50 activities, such as frying, cutting, flavoring in their kitchen. These numbers are because of repeated activities caused by disorganization and absence of calculated placement. On the other hand, a smart kitchen area layout applies the 5 Zones.

The five areas refer to specific areas in the kitchen area that, when appropriately configured, organize the kitchen area space so that it is reliable and conserves time. They are:

  • Food preparation
  • Food storage
  • Pots as well as pans
  • Recipes and flatware
  • Cleaning as well as waste

Food storage can be explained as the name say; it’s the space where storage of food takes place when they are not in use. Fridges, as well as cold storage, can be located in this area, which needs to ideally be located right next to the food preparation zone.

The cooking zone contains of your kitchen countertops for peeling off, garnishing, chopping, etc., plus the microwave, cooktop, and various other small electric appliances—any kind of cabinets around the need to contain mixing bowls, spatulas, chopping boards, or flavorings.

Pots, as well as frying pans, are worthy of an area of their own, as they comprise a lot of the loosened things discovered in the cooking area, with the exception of food. This area must lie right next to the cooking zone since it includes every little thing you need to cook.

kitchen-technology.jpg (1200×800)

Alongside pots as well as frying pans, however, different from the food preparation zone is cleaning as well as waste, which you may have presumed, includes the sink, dishwasher, waste container, as well as home cleaning executes, which are generally kept under the sink.

Last but not least, flatware and meals are maintained independently from tools utilized in cooking. This area is reserved for the cutlery you eat with. You do not desire private tools like butter knives obstructing when you’re cooking. You need to store the recipes safely throughout food prep, as well as just take it out once a dish prepares to be served. This is mainly to keep everything safe as well as sanitary.

Before starting a smart kitchen remodeling, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional, smart kitchen remodeling company, such as Smart Remodeling LLC for kitchen Remodeling in Houston.